•   Allied Nippon takes the significant step to remove copper from its extensive all-makes brake pad range

•   Move addresses growing environmental concerns and reaffirms the brand’s position as a forward-thinking responsible parts manufacturer

Allied Nippon, one of the leading manufacturers of friction products for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, has taken the significant step of removing copper from its all-makes brake pad range, demonstrating an environmentally-responsible ethos and proactive approach to product development.

Environmental concerns in both California and Washington State have led to a clampdown on copper and other toxic materials contained inside brake pads within these regions. Groups and regulators demonstrated that copper and other metals were being dumped onto roadways as brake pads wore down, consequently polluting streams, rivers and the wider marine ecosystem. As such, new regulations have been implemented in both states.

In both regions, by 1st January 2021, all manufacturers/importers must self-certify that their brake pads contain less than 5% by weight of copper. And, by 1st January 2025, that figure must be lower than 0.5% – effectively banning the use of copper in brake pads altogether.

While these regulations are only applicable in these two US states, Allied Nippon is taking the proactive and environmentally-responsible step of removing copper from its brake pads and is already well-ahead of the curve with a copper-free, R90-compliant range.

Allied Nippon Director of Braking Product Development, Dr Keith Ellis, said:

“Allied Nippon is aiming to be at the leading edge on copper-free solutions for the independent aftermarket. We already have our range in place for passenger cars with a similar, copper-free offering for commercial vehicles – trucks and trailers – nearing completion.

“There may not be any direct, regulatory need for us to go copper-free in Europe, but we cannot rule out the possibility that such laws might – and I emphasise might – be introduced here in the future. Also, now that we are aware of the potential negative impact on the environment, we are obviously keen to eradicate copper from all Allied Nippon pads at the earliest opportunity.”

Being ahead of the curve is nothing new for Allied Nippon. A hard-working development team operates a continuous, fast-paced development programme that ensures the brand consistently has its finger on the pulse of the market.


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