By participating in this promotion you could win some incredible, football-themed prizes. This includes:

Premier League Tickets + Travel & Accommodation
The Premier League is the most competitive and exciting league in the world and we’re giving away pairs of tickets to top fixtures. Lucky winners will have the opportunity to watch some of the world’s best players lock horns and experience the unique atmosphere of a Premier League game. Adding to this prize package, our winners will also be provided with travel to and from the game, plus overnight accommodation.

Sony PS4 Consoles + FIFA 18
Arguably the finest virtual football experience on the planet, FIFA 18 on the Sony PS4 is a must for any football fan. As part of our promotion, Allied Nippon is giving away numerous PS4 consoles, complete with FIFA 18, which will allow our winners to truly immerse themselves in this summer’s festival of football.

Allied Nippon Footballs
Our most abundant prize is a match-quality size five football which has been designed exclusively for Allied Nippon. Hundreds of these distinctive footballs are available to win as part of this promotion.

Bonus Win
Don’t forget our ‘bonus win’ feature. For every 10 promotional codes entered on our website you will win an Allied Nippon football.